A Look At Multiple Treatments For Hair Loss

Hair thinning and loss is a common ailment that most people are affected by at some time during their life. Individuals may suffer from thinning hair due to heredity, a traumatic event, stress, or medical issues. People spend over three billion dollars each year on different treatments for hair loss. However, knowing what is causing your hair thinning or loss can often save you money when you are looking for the most effective treatment.

Most of the treatments that are on the market today contained minoxidil 2% or 5%. There are other types of drugs that are used, however this particular drug has been shown to be most effective with the diverse types of hair thinning or loss. It is used in shampoos and lotions that are rubbed on the scalp. There are also several types of medication that are prescribed that also treat your loss. Since these are chemical compounds, it’s important to make sure you will not have an adverse reaction to the drugs.

One of the reasons that more women are experiencing hair thinning or loss than ever before is because they are finding themselves in more stressful situations. The more women than ever are are working full-time job, taking care of families, and leading active social lives. In most cases, they are not eating properly, or getting the exercise that is required to be healthy.

Ruling out a physical condition is an important step in addressing hair loss. If you suddenly experience clumps of hair or severe shedding of your hair, seeing a physician to rule out a physical ailment will be important. There are some physical illnesses that result in a loss of hair and will require medication to alleviate.

If a medical condition does not exist that is causing the thinning hair, there are many treatment options that you can review. Many natural remedies exist that will not require you to take medication. Many of the natural treatments begin to show results within a few weeks of starting the treatment.

A very effective natural treatment involves a solution made of Thyme, Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Lavendar. These essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Grapeseed oil. The solution is rubbed into the scale on a daily basis and stimulates the scalp. It encourages hair growth and replenishes some of the essential nutrients to the hair. The treatment has been found to be effective with Alopecia Areata.

A cause of thinning hair in women is anxiety and depression. An individual learning different relaxation exercises and hypnotherapy will find that once they have relieved the stress, anxiety and depression, their hair will begin to regain it’s healthy glow. Testing has shown that this treatment is effective for alopecia totalis, alopecia areata and alopecia universalis.

Women often experience thinning hair when they do not have enough iron. Trauma, heavy menstruation, stress and a poor diet often cause a depletion in iron which results in thinning hair. Increasing vitamins and minerals that include biotin, folate, zine, iron, and vitamin C all help to thicken the fibers of the hair, enhance growth and reduce shedding.

When you are considering a treatments for hair loss, it is always wise to discuss your objectives with a professional who has knowledge and expertise in the many treatments available to reduce hair thinning or loss. This person will be able to give you details and information about the treatments, their effectiveness, and how they may be of benefit to you.

Mary Ann Stevens writes about different hair loss remedies and maintains a website about remedies for hair loss where in you will find more helpful information to what you’re looking for.

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