A Brief Look At Hair Loss in Women

If there is one thing that should make a woman happy it is that hair loss does not generally result in total baldness as can be the case with men. In fact, there is no reason to worry about losing as many as one hundred hairs on a day to day basis as this is normal. Once this limit is exceeded you will have a hair loss problem on your hands because it would mean losing hair without getting new hair to grow to replace the lost hair.

Hair Loss is caused by a variety of factors and there are equally as many different treatment options available. Some of the factors that lead to this problem are common while others are more unusual. Factors that do cause loss of hair in women include feeling stressed mentally and physically and it can also be due to an illness and also because of fluctuations in hormones as well as because of side effects of certain medications that you may be taking.

Regardless of what causes a woman to lose hair the seriousness of the situation warrants using a prompt and proper treatment method. Sometimes the reason is that you may be cancerous for which you are undergoing chemotherapy which can cause unwanted hair loss.

The sooner you get your condition evaluated and diagnosed the better it is for you and so be sure to consult your doctor, dermatologist or clinician at the earliest.

Treating your hair too harshly can also give rise to a hair loss problem and the same can happen if you do up your hair in a certain manner. Hair loss even occurs on account of your genes and any hormonal imbalances too can lead to losing hair.

Pregnancy is another reason why women lose their hair and when they are suffering physical or psychological illnesses their hair may begin to fall away which can also happen after undergoing surgery.

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