4 Quick Techniques to Prevent Hair Loss

Baldness is a standard problem for both men and women. This could leave the person feeling bad to a degree that she stops going out for fear about what folk are going to say about him. Although hair loss is thought to be a medical and inborn condition, there are a few tips which you can follow to stop hair loss. Make efforts to consult your doctor before you tart an alopecia programme so he will identify the cause and counsel you on the best hair loss treatments.

How to Stop Hair loss:

Hair care

Utilizing the right hair products can help to stop hair loss. Avoid changing hair-care treatments after each week since this may weaken your hair resulting in hair loss. If you are one of those folks that like to modify their hair colour frequently, you should do this after 6 to 8 weeks. Coloring your hair frequently can lead to massive loss since the products used contain harmful chemicals. You may also look for shampoos that may stop hair loss, use the right comb and avoid brushing your hair while it's still wet. Keep in mind that hair styles like ponytail and platting may lead to disproportionate hair loss. You must thus avoid any style that may rip your hair. In addition, avoid using oppressive chemicals to perm or bleach your hair since the chemicals used can weaken the roots of the hair to cause baldness.

Healthful diet

The food you eat plays a very important role in hair loss. You'll need to eat a diet that's rich in protein, calcium and vitamins to stop alopecia. Taking these diets leaves the hair root strong enough to stop breakage every time you brush your hair. Some of the foodstuffs you can eat include fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk, spinach, almonds, fish, tomatoes, eggs and yogurt. You can take proteins and vitamin supplements which are sold over the counter in drug stores.


Aromatherapy is another hair loss solution that involves massaging hair oils into the roots of the hair. You need to use oils like lavender, rosemary and olive oils which will not only brace the hair, but will also leave it looking robust and shiny. Olive oils stop hair loss by reinforcing the follicles.

Drink enough water

Drinking satisfactory water in a day can stop hair loss. Water will keep your hair hydrated to stop it from breaking when you brush it. Take at least 8 glasses of water in a day and go to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Absence of enough sleep can result in stress which is one of the key factors behind alopecia.

There are some easy measures which you can take to stop hair loss. They include taking a good diet, drinking water and massaging essential oils into the hair. Additionally, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. These are natural treatments which don't have any side-effects. However , you must consult your doctor before embarking a baldness prevention program for effective outcomes.

Nick Wesley is a hair loss treatment practitioner,he teaches people the correct way to stop hair loss.

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