4 Proven Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Mankind, since known history has suffered from hair loss, as most adverts are aimed at men sending a message that this is something that only men are affected by, you’d be surprised to know that around half of all women experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives. Consequently, people affected and alternative health practitioners have been obsessed with trying to find home remedies for hair growth.

The problem of hair loss, while more common in men, is also prevalent in women; and this is something that is substantiated by enough factual data. So if you think you’re the only one with this problem, think again. However, simply worrying about hair loss is often counter productive and looking for solutions at the onset can be helpful. What you need to be wary of, though, is falling for any of the many quick fixes, currently on the market, that promise overnight results.

However, do know that there are different kinds of hair loss, and while the solutions mentioned herein would work in some cases, they might not, is some others. If and when you feel that none of these seem to be working, seeing a doctor is advised.

Watch What You Eat:
Our diet plays an important role in our overall well-being, and thereby, in hair growth as well. There are different nutrients that aid the optimal growth of hair, some of which include Vitamins A, C, & E, biotin, zinc, and magnesium. Eating healthy food, and getting enough plants and vegetables in your diet, therefore, is the obvious way to go.

Think Coconuts:
Coconut milk and oil, both, have a beneficial effect when it comes to home remedies for hair growth. With coconut milk, apply it on your scalp for approximately half an hour and rinse it with slightly warm water. The hair oil can be left on the scalp overnight.

Apple cider vinegar is used to combat scores of medical problems like allergies, sore throats, sinus infections, etc. and is right up there when it comes to home remedies for hair growth. When you apply this on your scalp it works in clearing the dead cells, and this, in turn, promotes the growth of hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
This easy to find solution has been recommended for hair growth for quite some time now and has some effect for most users. When applied on the scalp it helps clear up the layer of dead cells from the surface, thereby promoting the growth of hair.

Other than these, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that you get some form of physical activity in your daily routine can also help hair growth in the long run. However, if you think that you’re losing way too much hair way too quickly, getting medical advice is advised.

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