4 Causes Of Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can make anyone go crazy. There are a lot of things that cause an itchy scalp to happen. Some of the causes are explained below.

## Dealing With Dandruff

Also known as “seborrheic dermatitis”, it happens as the result of overproduction of cells in your skin. This then leads to unusual dryness and flakiness. This can be detected as those white flakes that fall on your shoulder or rest in your hair.

Dandruff happens when you use too much of hair product or buildup in your hair. Sometimes it could also be due to use of hair dryers, curling irons or coloring products. It could also happen if you don’t wash your hair frequently. A large number of people suffer from nasty dandruff during winter due to the air which happens to be the driest during that time, indoor heating as well as wearing toques which may be slightly too tight.

## Dealing With Dermatitis

People usually experience this by coming into contact with a poison plant such as poison ivy. Other things that may cause contact dermatitis include soaps, hair colors, detergents and even certain foods. This type of contact accounts for most cases of this problem.

This usually happens to people when they come in contact with a poison plant like poison ivy. Some of the other things that would trigger this problem include detergents, soaps, hair products as well as certain types of food. These are the usual culprits for this problem.

## Don’t Be One to Ignore Psoriasis

This causes a red rash often with a thickening of the skin. This is likely a genetic condition with upwards of 4% of the population suffering from this form of dry scalp. Topical lotions are usually given to relieve the symptoms.

## Dealing With Head Louse

Very common with children, this louse spreads upon contact and must be cleansed with an appropriate hair wash. Also clothes and bed linens must be washed to remove the lice from the vicinity.

It’s not easy to determine the best shampoo or treatment for some of these issues. Stress, for one thing, can also contribute to scalp problems. Consult your doctor and talk about the possible things that cause your itchy scalp. There may not be any quick fixes around but at least you will be able to get something to sooth the nasty dryness and itchiness. Most importantly, take note not to scratch your scalp as it will make your scalp itchiness worse and spread to other areas.

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