3 Hair Loss Treatments For Men That Work!

Hair loss is something that can cause us men distress and concern principally if we’re still very youthful when it happens. Fortunately although these days there are several hair loss treatments for men on the market and a number of of them do in fact work very well. It is much better if you begin using them sooner rather than later on as short of getting hair implants, these remedies are best used to stop you losing any more hair rather than resurrecting already deceased hair follicles.

Have a look below at the following hair loss treatments for men.

1. Propecia – This is one of the more well known treatments for male hair loss, it’s even had a mention in The Simpsons! Propecia, it’s active ingredient being Finasteride comes in pill format, to be taken once a day. It is quite expensive, costing about $2 a day but it’s success rate is extremely high, being around 90%!

Typical noted side effects have been itching and a bit of swelling, but this is very rare. It must be stressed that Propecia must be kept away from women as it could cause hazard to pregnancies, but this ought to be clear to everyone anyhow!

2. Procerin – Unlike Propecia, Procerin is made from all natural products but works similarly by stopping the creation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) the chemical which is ultimately accountable for causing male hair loss.

Procerin is becoming extremely accepted due to its quick effectiveness and it’s even been noted in some scientific studies that when you discontinue using it, the positive effects do not tail off. It comes as a foam, to be applied to the scalp and also in capsules so you’re tackling hair loss on 2 fronts in effect! Dandruff has been noted as a side effect, though if this transpires just use the foam a little less often.

3. Ketoconazole – This is an ingredient that is already contained in many anti dandruff shampoos! So simply look for it in the bottle next time you’re at the supermarket. It had been made clear in numerous studies that it had anecdotally cured hairlessness but until further and more productive testing is carried out you’ll not find Ketoconazole marketed as a hair loss treatment. This obviously does not stop you from buying anti dandruff shampoo and utilizing its benefits! It’s suggested that you leave the foam on your scalp for between 3 – 5 minutes for the full effects to take place.

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