2 Male Hair Loss Treatments Reviewed

Hair loss is something that comes about to a large amount guys during the course of their lives. This can be a setback if we’re young and really do not want to lose our locks just yet.

I have carried out a lot of investigation into the male hair loss treatments currently available and underneath i discuss briefly some of them with you. It has to be noted that it by far healthier to begin using them earlier rather than later as many of the products available at the moment do resurrect dead hair follicles, but simply stop anymore from dying in the future as long as you continue to utilize the products. Of course this is stopping short of hair implants which really is a last alternative. Below i compare Propecia with Procerin; a chemical versus natural based male hair loss treatment.

1. Propecia – The active ingredient in Propecia is finasteride that works by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that is accountable for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s this DHT that causes a thinning, shortening and a weakening of the hair follicles that causes hair loss. DHT as well causes loss of pigmentation in the hair that causes us to go gray.

By stopping DHT from being formed Propecia stops hair loss from the source and is effectual in 80% of cases. Propecia comes in tablets to be taken once a day and results ought to typically be found between 3 – six months. Once you stop using it however, the results will wear off. Noted side effects include an itching in addition to swelling as well in exceptional cases a loss of sexual desire. Nevertheless Propecia is one of the more popular male hair loss treatments in the US and Europe today.

2. Procerin – In contrast to Propecia, Procerin is created by means of all natural products, primarily berry extract and works in a similar way by blocking the production of DHT.

Procerin is a 2 part treatment, tackling male baldness on two fronts. You take a tablet then also rub on a foam straight to the effected region. Procerin is becoming more popular as it works quicker than most other products on the market. It has also been noted in a number of cases that when you stop using it, the effects do not wear off. Noted side effects comprise an tickly head and dandruff owing to use of the foam, nevertheless using the foam less has reduced these effects.

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